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ABC del viajero Sostenible 

Traveling sustainably implies environmental and social responsibility, leaving an economic benefit without affecting or minimally affecting the rest of the territory that you visit.


  • Do not endorse and report any signs of sexual tourism and /or child abuse, REJECT these activities completely.

  • Do not buy or allow others to buy flora, fauna or parts of it from the place. Illegal wildlife traffic is one of the biggest problems in the regions we visit. Do not support these activities .

  • Do not bring or take with you living elements (pets, plants etc).  One of the main problems that affect biodiversity is the introduction of non-ecosystem species, (they compete with native species to move them and even destroy them).

  • Be informed about the place you are going to visit, and check if that trip respects the culture of native people, and the environment.

  • Be informed about the place you are going to visit, and ensure that your trip respects both the culture and the environment you’re visiting.

  • Try not to use chemicals (such as sunblock, repellent…), for which we suggest wearing hats, long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

  • Reduce the generation of waste, reuse those generated and recycle or dispose in places intended for this purpose.

  • Leave no trace of your visit, reduce noise, do not leave trash, don’t make bonfires unless it is permitted.

  • If you are going to buy souvenirs, do it in stores of the local communities and select the ones produced there to support the development of that region.

  • Enjoy the culture of the place, respect it.  Dances, local gastronomy, myths and stories may have a great value!

  • Be kind to your local hosts.


Remember that you could be playing an important role for sustainable development of the places you visit. Your decisions may generate a positive or negative effects on local communities.


Watch your actions!

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